When BDCHS was founded in 2007, our emphasis was on achieving in the classroom first before establishing an athletic program. The Phoenix Athletic program launched in the 2008 – 2009 school year with four 4 FHSAA sports – Volleyball, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball and Baseball.

BDCHS Today, the school has 19 FHSAA boys and girls sports teams. With a solid foundation of academic achievement, we seek to develop a strong, viable athletic program that will continue the thread of our mission statement. At BDCHS, our young men and women are student-athletes. They must build a strong foundation of academics and their education continues in an athletic program where they will build character, collaboration, and skills for life. Click here for Coaching Opportunities.

The 2016-17 school year is the inaugural year for boys’ volleyball at BDCHS. We look forward to great seasons while competing, having fun, and representing BDCHS!



FALL SPORTS include girls’ varsity and junior varsity volleyball, bowling, cross county and varsity golf. Schedules for these sports can be viewed by clicking on the sport below.


Bowling (Practice/Tryout Schedule)              Girls’ Varsity Volleyball (Workout/Tryout Schedule) 

Pinchasers                                                                BDCHS Gym

4847 N. Armenia Ave.                                            10948 N. Central Ave.

Tampa, FL 33603                                                     Tampa, FL 33612


Varsity Golf                                                        Girl’s Junior Varsity Volleyball

Babes Zaharias                                                      BDCHS Gym

11412 Forest Hills DR                                          10948 N. Central Ave.

Tampa, FL 33612                                                  Tampa, FL 33612


Cross Country (Tryout Schedule)




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