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Kristine Bennett, Principal

Mrs. Kristine Bennett, a Tampa native, currently holds the position of Principal at BDCHS. She earned her B.A. in Secondary English Education and an M.A. in Educational Leadership from the University of South Florida, with certification in ESOL, Gifted and Middle Grades Math.

Mrs. Bennett has over 17 years of experience in the field of education, ten of which were spent as a classroom teacher.  Some of her accomplishments include coaching the Math League to a first place win and being named Teacher of the Year at Terrace Community Middle School in 2002. Her vision is to ensure that all students receive a quality public school education and to spread the word among parents and stakeholders about how valuable quality charter education is for children. She continues to pursue excellence in education by attending conferences and training programs and by participating in professional organizations such as Charter School Leaders-Florida and Phi Delta Kappa.

Mrs. Bennett is married with 2 children and enjoys spending time with her family as well as running charity 5K races, relaxing at the beach and boating.

Jeffrey Mitchell, Assistant Principal

Jennifer Ervin, Assistant Principal


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Atkinson, Areon Physical Education aatkinson@bdchs.org
Bell, Janese ESE Teacher/Specialist janese.bell@bdchs.org
Bennett, Kristine Principal kbennett@bdchs.org
Bennett, Roy Plant and Maintenance Supervisor rbennett@bdchs.org
Bondoc, Amanda Science aclay@bdchs.org
Bowman, Theresa English -Class website tbowman@bdchs.org
Campbell, Kelly English kcampbell@bdchs.org
Davisson, Megan Nurse mdavisson@bdchs.org
Docobo, Vivian World Languages vdocobo@bdchs.org
Dorta, Ivelisse Administrative Assistant/Receptionist idorta@bdchs.org
Ervin, Jennifer (Jamie) Assistant Principal for Curriculum jervin@bdchs.org
Fernandez, Cheryl Bus Ed/ Tech cfernandez@bdchs.org
Fernandez, Eric Science efernandez@bdchs.org
Gommermann, Eric Guidance Counselor egommermann@bdchs.org
Groothoff, Becky Social Science becky.groothoff@bdchs.org
Hedley, Maggie Cafeteria Manager mhedley@bdchs.org
Crenshaw, Alexander Music/Band acrenshaw@bdchs.org
Joensen, Trevor English tjoensen@bdchs.org
Kenney, Jessica Social Science jkenney@bdchs.org
Horne, Kevin Science khorne@bdchs.org
Krezmien, Jessica Physical Education jkrezmien@bdchs.org
Lozada, Lourdes World Languages llozada@bdchs.org
Mead, Sarah Social Science smead@bdchs.org
Miller, Wanda Mathematics wmiller@bdchs.org
Mitchell, Jeffrey Assistant Principal jmitchell@bdchs.org
Montanez, Noemi DP/Registrar nmontanez@bdchs.org
Moore, Frederick Social Science fmoore@bdchs.org
Patwell, Kaitlyn Mathematics kpatwell@bdchs.org
Pernas, Lydia (Ivette) Board Administrative Assistant lpernas@bdchs.org
Policari, Christopher Mathematics cpolicari@bdchs.org
Prewitt, Amanda Mathematics aprewitt@bdchs.org
Richards, Christine World Languages crichards@bdchs.org
Serra, Christina English tserra@bdchs.org
Dantes, Chris English cdantes@bdchs.org
Smith, James Staff/Building Assistant  
Smith, Sheri Reading ssmith@bdchs.org
Sturtzel, Nathan Instructional Technology nsturtzel@bdchs.org
Walker, Cynthia (Sue) Art cwalker@bdchs.org
Williams, Aundrekia Business Manager


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